September 27, 2016

“On the Track” to Tackle Kids Cancer

Being a part of a team is something that Kimberly Ludwig takes to heart. Whether it is at home with her four kids, as Nurse Manager of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and General Pediatrics Unit, or while keeping up with her healthy lifestyle, Kim’s philosophy is “when you have team support, anything is possible.”

Kim enjoys being fit and running comes “almost” naturally to her.

She has participated in many team building activities, such Tough Mudders, Sprint Triathlons and a Half Marathon.

The Philadelphia Marathon in support of Tackle Kids Cancer will be her second and surely not last half marathon. When asked why she supports “Tackle Kids Cancer,” Kim says that it is her way of helping in a different type of way. While at work, she has on her clinician shoes, but in her off-time, she has the opportunity to spread awareness and help the kids she treats get closer to the cure by raising needed funds.

Kim and her colleagues support each other at work and “on the track,” because they always want positive outcomes for the patients they treat. “My work team is my second family and we enjoy participating in events that improve our health while contributing to causes that benefit people in need of our support,” she says. Over the years, my children have started to participate in many of these events and as a result are engaging in a healthy lifestyle while learning the importance of supporting those who need it most. We all come together to be active, to have fun, and most of all, to have a positive impact while we continue our day to day lives.”

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On the Track to Tackle Kids Cancer