Tackle Kids Cancer provides support throughout pediatric cancer treatment, as well as beyond through our unique survivorship program, Cure and Beyond. The Children’s Cancer Institute considers the future needs of our pediatric patients by working to reduce the long-term impacts of cancer treatment. Our Cure and Beyond Program confronts the lasting health, emotional, and social issues that affect pediatric cancer survivors.

Cure & Beyond Program

Two-thirds of pediatric cancer survivors have at least one lifelong medical issue related to their treatment. One-third of those survivors experience two or three long-lasting health issues. As the first survivorship program in the state, Cure and Beyond was and still is both groundbreaking and essential to the future of cancer care.

Two out of Three Pediatric Cancer Survivors have at least ONE lifelong medical issue related to treatment
Cure and Beyond

Fertility Preservation Program

Tackle Kids Cancer funding supported the establishment of a Fertility Preservation program which includes a Pediatric Oncologist, Advanced Practice Nurse, and a dedicated Nurse Navigator. This team provides consultation to newly-diagnosed and relapsed patients at risk for impaired fertility. Based on the clinical situation and preferences of the patient and family, the team coordinates referrals for fertility preservation options. The coordination provided by the Fertility Preservation team ensures that this process can be achieved as an integrated part of the patient's treatment plan.

Your Support Makes a Difference

Through funds raised by Tackle Kids Cancer and a generous grant from The Sohn Conference Foundation, we provide lifelong care for pediatric cancer survivors beginning two years post-cancer therapy. Cure and Beyond has a dedicated staff of expert physicians, nurses, social workers, and educators offering an array of services for survivors. The program is housed in a separate facility from the hospital, fostering a home-like environment for patients to receive the personalized care they need.

Two out of Three Pediatric Cancer Survivors have at least ONE lifelong medical issue related to treatment

This can’t be done without you

Tackle Kids Cancer is a team effort. By raising awareness and funds, we help hundreds of pediatric patients being treated today, and help fund discoveries to keep children healthy in the future.

Children with cancer need your help. Your donation will save lives.