The Sohn Conference Foundation

The Sohn Conference Foundation is an essential contributor to Tackle Kids Cancer’s efforts to support pediatric cancer patient care. In 2016, the Foundation launched the Sohn-Manning Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Program to benefit Cure and Beyond at Hackensack University Medical Center. This contribution ensures that childhood cancer patients continue to receive the long-term physical and emotional care they need after recovery from their illness.

In 2020, the Sohn Conference Foundation made a new commitment to support Cure and Beyond. “As we celebrate the 25th year of the Sohn Conference, I think it is only befitting that we recognize the role that Hackensack University Medical Center has played in the history of our foundation,” said Evan Sohn, co-founder, Sohn Conference Foundation. “My team – Chairman Graham Duncan, Chair Emeritus Daniel Hirsch, President Daniel Nir – and I are honored and privileged to make a donation to Tackle Kids Cancer in honor of both Dr. Michael Harris and Eli Manning, both who have been heroes for pediatric cancer.”


Children with cancer need your help. Your donation will save lives.