November 4, 2019

Matthew Rork/NYC Marathon

Ramsey police officer Matthew Rork ran the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon for Tackle Kids Cancer in honor of Tommy Fitzpatrick.

Tommy, a six-year-old who lost his battle with brain cancer in February 2019, inspired Matthew to run several other marathons in the past, as well.

Spurred on by Tommy’s energetic spirit, Matthew runs with the mantra coined by Tommy’s family emblazoned on his shirt: #TommyStrong. #TommyStrong became an anthem for the Fitzpatrick family and others, serving as a reminder of Tommy’s strength and courage throughout his battle with brain cancer.

Matthew’s fundraising for the NYC marathon went toward pediatric cancer research and patient care at the Children’s Cancer Institute of the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital. His support for Tackle Kids Cancer in this way honors the memory of Tommy Fitzpatrick and spreads hope for a cure.

If you are interested in running with Tackle Kids Cancer, click here.