Matthew knows what he likes and knows what he doesn’t. Count his friend Eli Manning in the first category, along with chicken wings, trains, swimming and pancakes. Count leukemia and all that it involves – from chemotherapy to being away from his little brother during a hospital stay – in the second.

I’m so excited, like super-duper excited, like blow my mind up. People should totally give money to help kick cancer’s butt.

“This cancer is not really good. No cancer is good, not even the medicines. I don’t want to get the needles or the nighttime pills,” explains Matthew, who returned to school in December.

Matthew loves doing “normal kid stuff.” This summer, he swims every day and attends summer camp at the park. Also, he can’t wait for his little brother Dylan to start kindergarten in September so they can play together at recess.

During a visit with Eli Manning at a chemotherapy session at the Children’s Cancer Institute, he talked with the Giants’ quarterback about Big Blue’s season and the work the team is doing with Tackle Kids Cancer. Matthew is a bigger Giants fan than ever. Everyone can count on him to follow Eli this fall.

“I’m so excited,” Matthew says. “Like super-duper excited, like blow my mind up.”

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