Victoria cradles one of her favorite stuffed animals, a blue dinosaur named Stuffy. She has a lot of favorite things: animals (both live and stuffed), baseball, basketball, soccer, football, swimming, piano, dancing, and gymnastics. She also enjoys school, especially science.


I made a lot of friends at the hospital



“She’s only 6, but she’s mature,” says Victoria’s mother, Magdalena. That’s why Magdalena was not surprised when Victoria asked, “So, what is leukemia? I have it, right?”

“You’re in the hospital,” she told Victoria. “The doctors and nurses are going to help you.”

The diagnosis was swift and Magdalena says that was essential to securing immediate treatment and avoiding further complications. As Victoria’s care continues, Magdalena says, “It’s not a dramatic day when she goes to treatment.” She says Victoria likes the doctors and nurses and the child life team. She describes the community they have built with the other children and their families. “It’s a second home, a second family.”

Magdalena says she’s very appreciative of everybody caring for Victoria at Hackensack University Medical Center, from the physician who quickly “figured out that it was more than strep throat,” to the coordinator of educational services who “helps a lot” with Victoria’s “wonderful public school principal and teachers,” to the social worker who she calls “my angel.”

Victoria states it simply, “I made a lot of friends at the hospital.”

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