Linda Stanton

During the past 25 years, when parents learn their child has cancer, Linda Stanton, administrative director of the Children’s Cancer Institute, has been there to offer one absolute certainty against the dozens of uncertainties accompanying the devastating diagnosis.

“We tell each parent, each young person, ‘We’ll be here for you. You won’t go through this alone.”


Administrative Director, Linda Stanton, MBA, BSN, RN, has kept her promise of support for more than 36 years as a pediatric nurse at Hackensack University Medical Center. Sometimes that has meant sitting at the bedside of a dying boy, and sometimes it has meant going to the wedding of a young woman she cared for 20 years earlier. Either way, she’s been there, and she says that she and the team at the Children’s Cancer Institute always will be.

While that commitment won’t change, Stanton says there is an historic opportunity to change another aspect of treating childhood cancer. “We’ve made great strides over the past 20 years, and we’re now at the point where research being conducted here and at other centers holds out real hope for curing far more cancers,” she says. The nurse is looking forward to seeing her patients benefit from that progress – and attending more weddings.

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