Ten-year-old Daniel expressed he was not feeling well and had symptoms of back pain and shortness of breath. When his parents took him to the hospital, they thought he might have a virus; however, Daniel was diagnosed with T-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

After nearly three years of treatment, two dozen spinal taps, hundreds of injections, countless rounds of chemo and blood transfusions and numerous medications, Daniel completed treatment. Thirteen-year-old Daniel recently celebrated his bar mitzvah and being cancer-free.

We have been blessed with a truly dedicated team of doctors, nurses, child-life specialists and hospital volunteers who not only focus on the clinical, but the emotional needs of their patients. They are wonderful caregivers.

Daniel and his family continue to support programs, from camps to medical research, that benefit children with cancer. “I will not forget the incredible community of people – young and old – who befriended Daniel and provided both physical and emotional support when my wife, Leslie, and I were spent,” said Daniel’s father.

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