Becca Boo

Meet Becca Boo: Swimmer, Gymnast and “Allergic to Cancer” 

Not many girls could walk into a room with the confidence of Rebecca. Rebecca, known affectionately as “Becca Boo” by her friends and family, is a twin and a lover of soccer, swimming and gymnastics. Just before her seventh birthday, Becca began feeling what her family thought were typical “growing pains.” The pain in her hip when she played with her hula hoop, or after an intense game of soccer, was anything but typical.

Becca would continue to have pains until one day it became so severe that she couldn’t get out of bed. She was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Becca began treatment at the Children’s Cancer Institute immediately. Although Becca has a long road ahead, she does not let her diagnosis define her. “Other children may look at her because she doesn’t have hair, but Becca doesn’t even notice,” said Becca’s mother, Sherry.

When it comes to cancer, Becca wants to help kids just like her. Becca is helping fundraise for Tackle Kids Cancer by collecting pennies via her Facebook page “Allergic to Cancer” and she has already raised more than $2,400. Becca’s mom, Sherry, credits the doctors, nurses and staff with Becca’s positivity. “Everyone is welcoming and amazing in caring for Becca. I cannot say enough.”

Everyone is welcoming and amazing in caring for Becca. I cannot say enough.

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