Ringling Bros.

Tackle Kids Cancer is proud of our amazing partnership with the Ringling Brothers. We are saddened that the Ringling Bros. Circus is in their final run of shows, but we truly appreciate joining forces to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research.

Ringling Bros. Donate to TKC

In this past year, the Ringling Brothers generously donated $10,000 to Tackle Kids Cancer in support of pediatric cancer research efforts. In support of the Ringling Bros. final run, make a donation to Tackle Kids Cancer.

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Bid on a Ringling Bros. Private Suite

We are proud to be partnering with Ringling Bros. for the last show at Prudential Center. If you would like to attend the March 12th show at 11am and be in one of our VIP suites, click the link below to make a bid! The winning bid supports Tackle Kids Cancer.

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In the News

Circus elephants could be the cure to childhood cancer

February 1, 2016

Blood samples are being taken from elephants in the famous Ringling Bros. to help researchers find out why elephants don’t get cancer often. Ringling Bros. has also donated $10,000 to TKC for pediatric research.