Lisa B. Fishman

Remembering Lisa

At age 30, Lisa died in February 2001 of Hodgkin’s lymphoma after a five-year struggle with the cancer. At the time of her death, while completing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University, Lisa was a mental health consultant for the New York City Administration for Children Services, helping caseworkers assigned to some of the worst cases of child abuse and neglect. “All Lisa ever wanted to do was help improve the system,” Lee said.

Death has stopped her life’s work, but Lee is determined that Lisa and her memory continue to make a difference. “Lisa was a brilliant young woman and it is devastating that she could not go on to do the things she believed in,” he said.

The Lisa B. Fishman Foundation was created soon after her death and provides research funds to improve cancer treatment for people fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Lee is very proud of the fact that 94 percent of all funds donated have been available for cancer research.

As part of their ongoing relationship with Hackensack University Medical Center...

the Lisa B. Fishman Foundation made a $150,000 donation to Tackle Kids Cancer to help support pediatric cancer research at the Children’s Cancer Center.

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